Children are born with different talents, but whether they develop positively depends on how we nurture them. Children could become our most valuable asset if they are allowed to develop to their fullest potential. On the contrary, they could become our liability if their development is stifled. A wrong turn in childhood might tell a different story of wasted life, as shown by the rising rate of problematic adolescent issues such as delinquency, drug addiction, school drop-outs, and suicide.
“The logotype was created using drawing and puzzle elements. Drawing is a child’s way of expressing their inner self; thus, the head of the child was drawn. The three pieces of puzzle represent different facets of the society and environment that shape and influence the growth of the child; thus, the body of the child is made up by the placement and shapes of the puzzle, which are deliberately placed asymmetrical to give the overall design a sense of child’s play, a major part of any child’s development.”
Designed by Derick Pao