The Center for Child Development (CCD) was established in September of 1991 with the concern for children, youth, family, and school. One of our major emphases is on the understanding of socialization of children in Chinese societies as well as cross-cultural studies of child development in the Asian-Pacific regions. A main objective of the Center is to foster children's positive development such as enhancing their achievement motivation, creativity in problem-solving and self-competence. Inter-disciplinary research and training programs is a distinctive feature of the Center. We believe that the common interest in children's well-being among various disciplines will enable the integration of strengths from areas of psychology, education, sociology, social work, communications, art, music and others in finding innovative approaches for the betterment of children and of the society in the long run.


Cognitive Development

  • Creative Thinking &
    Creativity Education
  • Moral Development &
    Moral Education
  • Giftedness &
    Gifted ​Education
  • Whole-Person Education
  • Critical Thinking &
  • News Literacy &
    News Education

Psychosocial Well-being

  • Prosocial & Antisocial Behavior
  • Psychology of Self

 Positive Educational Use of
 Creative Media Technology


CCD strives to provide information and learning experience in ways appropriate and convenient for different audiences. The following are some examples:

For Community Professionals
Newsletters, research reports, conferences and seminars

For Legislators & Government Agencies
Consultation meetings, seminars, workshops, current research on child development

For Academic Community
Articles in professional journals, conferences, seminars, workshops, current research on child development

For Parents, Children, and the Public
Informative pamphlets, media interviews, parent seminars, workshops on positive development, parenting and educational programs